Cruise Control

I made some observations lately concerning life and time. When we’re young, time seems to be moving too slow for all we NEED to do (or believe we need to do!). I need to do more, be more. I’m not old enough to be anything. I haven’t accomplished everything I should and I’m already 20…30…40… ¬†As age creeps upon us though, time seems to be moving too slow for all we NEED to do….and I like it that way! What drove this point home the most to me was my constant use of the cruise control feature.

You see, there are multiple paths to my daily destinations and which path I choose could depend on how I reach my destination and if. But as I have matured, or age-ed :-), I have learned that the path which takes the MOST time seems to be the best. Why? Well, as my peers and learned friends may know, slowing down time has been a physics quest since, well, the beginning of time. The slowing down of MY time is now my goal and the sweetest way to do so comes in the form of cruise-control.

What do you do when it comes to making life-changing decisions that may effect all those around you? Worrying about your mundane life and if you are truly happy and if your achieving your goals? Need more money, more love in your life, more family, more STUFF?


It seems that the older I get, I am starting to care less for others and more for me. It sounds cold, but if I had just cared more when I was young about me, the journey might have been more satisfying. Am I a little cold as I drive or just sit and relax back? Instead of heating everything around me, I just hit the heated seat and warm my own ass. Need to get a little air? Push all the vents on me and enjoy the cool breeze as it rushes through the car. Not in a hurry to get to the end destination? What to do?

C’mon say it…

Simply taking the easy path has allowed me to see the future for what it is.

It’s just time. Time that will come with or without me. But for now….





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